Culreoch – The Layout

The Past

Culreoch was originally built in 2007 by Ken Gibbons and members of the Hull MRS. It has appeared in its then 1980s guise in the model railway press.

The Present.

Culreoch represents a fictional location on the Port Road between Stranraer and Dumfries, set in the 1960s but with the line foreseeing a more positive future than it did in reality. At approximately 9’x 1’8” scenic area, the layout offers through running, passing loop and some limited shunting operations. Working signalling and some delicately composed scenic detailing adds to the interest.

For the moment, the layout is in semi-storage awaiting a resurgence in my enthusiasm, and enough free time to build a new fiddle yard.

The Future.

I’d like to take Culreoch back in time.  Research is more difficult due to the scarcity of photographs, but the written word is strong, and DL Smith’s books are compulsive reading.

12 thoughts on “Culreoch – The Layout

  1. Well, you have been busy, like the new format. I didn’t recognise the layout from the picture of the Met Cam.
    We really must get the fiddle yard built and the layout back out there.

    • Hi James,
      Geoff is still actively modelling but (without wish to speak for him) I believe he had his fill with internet trolls/spam messages and the blogging software itself.
      You can still keep up with his work periodically via the “western thunder” forum.

      • And it’s great to see those, most inspiring of models again Geoff. Strangely I found your new blog just hours after rediscovering one of your MRJ articles – and purely by chance.

        Best wishes 🙂

  2. Is there an exhibition diary for ‘Culreoch’, or is it not currently on the circuit? All I can see are a few on line photos which, I’m sure, don’t do it justice. I never saw the Hornby mag article, of the layout in diesel days, but can certainly relate to the more recent ‘latter-day steam’ mode of operation. I should very much like to see it, if the opportunity arose.

  3. Yes Jamie we must get this fiddleyard up and running, the offer still stands of me doing the pointwork if you do the weathering on the oil tankers on Wharfeside….
    All the best,

    • If you get stuff ready, I’ll paint it. Don’t mind doing base liveries either should you wish.
      Unsure what my plans are at the moment w.r.t. Cully, but will see you soon hopefully.

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