Decade in the Sun

I think I’m right in saying it’s now 10yrs since Culreoch made it’s debut at Model Rail Scotland, although that was before my time.

I feel I should bake a cake or something.

I have however given the website a refresh, cleared out and changed the format to reduce the prominence of the blog aspect – which let’s be honest was grinding to a halt anyway.

I had the blues but I shook them loose

The DMU blues.

This year’s Model Rail Scotland is next weekend, at Glasgow’s SECC.  To all that are going, enjoy it.  You might even see me there with some of Cully’s work-in-progress stock.

But don’t expect any cake.  If I had any it’d be gone by the time I got to the hall…


First steps on the fiddle yard

It’s been a long time coming, and god knows I’ve had many second thoughts about bothering at all over the last couple of years, but finally I’ve made a start on the fiddle yards required to complete Culreoch and hopefully get it back out to the occasional exhibition.  I’m still working to the plan posted back in November.

Really, I thank Ian Pepper for the kick up the backside – getting me a load of ply strip for pretty much buckshee.  Then my conscience compelled me to actually get on and use it!

So, after a bit of thought I have built up the ply sandwich type beams by way of making a start.  I’m desperate not to balls it up this time – so won’t be rushing. At this early stage though, I’m impressed by this form of construction – nicely resistant to bending and torsion (twisting).


Each is labelled to remind me what length it needs to be (less 12mm, though!) and what it is intended for.  Here: a rectangular board side and an outer side for one of the two ‘oddball’ curve boards.


Lots.  I was pretty bored by the time I’d painted this lot, inside and out.  Long edges are to be trimmed maybe on a table saw to square them up, then also painted to seal against moisture changes and consequent warping.  Might as well go belt & braces.

I need now to trim these and drill out to accomodate legs, before I can think of starting assembly.  I have produced the beams for all but one board – my hope is the final board will be made to size and take up any constructional tolerances on the remainder, despite my hope for close-to millimetre accuracy on the cutting bench 😉