Who and why

Who am I?

Well, I give you the same introduction as I gave “a big name in the hobby”: Me? I’m nobody. Just your average Joe, as they say.

Employed as a civil engineer, currently in the water industry though I’ve worked elsewhere. I’ve a deep interest in the social history of Scotland and wider Britain and the transport history of the country tends to mirror closely the fortunes of the communities it served. Between that and my artistic side (ha!) needing to express itself has led to the railway modelling hobby.


Why Culreoch?

Circumstances led to its sale by the builders.  While Galloway was not my prime interest at that time, the layout was (a) heavily G&SW influenced and (b) very close to my dream layout at the time.  So it came my way and I hope to honour and sympathetically develop it.  I have loose plans to build a follow-up or complementary layout in a few years’ time, which will continue the PP&W theme.


Thanks for dropping by,



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