Decade in the Sun

I think I’m right in saying it’s now 10yrs since Culreoch made it’s debut at Model Rail Scotland, although that was before my time.

I feel I should bake a cake or something.

I have however given the website a refresh, cleared out and changed the format to reduce the prominence of the blog aspect – which let’s be honest was grinding to a halt anyway.

I had the blues but I shook them loose

The DMU blues.

This year’s Model Rail Scotland is next weekend, at Glasgow’s SECC.  To all that are going, enjoy it.  You might even see me there with some of Cully’s work-in-progress stock.

But don’t expect any cake.  If I had any it’d be gone by the time I got to the hall…


5 thoughts on “Decade in the Sun

  1. I just wandered over here from the Wee Ginger Dug of all places.

    This is a beautiful layout.I almost makesme want to backto Standard Gauge. Almost.

    On the other hand I did make some sketches for a 3′ gauge railway to Ullapool a while back…

    • Nice to hear from you Andy 🙂

      I’ve throttled back on the politics and current affairs for a while but WGD is one of the few sites I still keep an eye on. It sometimes seems odd to find other modellers via the workplace, via political contexts or other roundabout routes. But they’re out there…

      As for modelling, well I admire all sorts, but am pretty parochial in my own work.

    • Hi Dave,
      Hopefully the wood’s still at the club awaiting cutting sometime and hasn’t become part of Larbert!

      Generally though: no news.

      Hope all’s well with you 🙂

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